Together let’s reduce our ecological footprint

At Rubi, the environment is a priority. The Rubi Ocean Commitment (ROC) is our engagement to take a series of concrete actions aimed at reducing our ecological footprint. Here are some of our actions so that together we can ensure the health of our oceans and all the people who depend on them.

  • After removing 122 tons of garbage from the world’s waterways with the help of 11,000 people, here is our next challenge: removing 1,000 tons of garbage from waterways.

    Rubi is a proud partner of the Mission 1000 tonnes. It is all of us together who must take the future of the oceans in hand by going to clean up shores and oceans.

    To change the world, it is this great collective effort that we need. So go do some clean-ups, weigh your trash and take pictures and send it all to the Mission 1000 tonnes.

    Visit their website:

  • As a proud partner of the 1000 Tonnes Mission, Rubi has also committed with a purchase of 20,000 lbs of plastic which will be removed from waterways thanks to the Plastic Compensated Certification.

    To do your part:

  • At Rubi every detail matters.

    With the Motion 9/6, the control in the central position, facing you 6 o'clock, only gives you cold water. No hot water solicitation without demand and moving your control to the left to the 9 o'clock position. This favors the use of cold water only which reduces your energy costs.

  • Faucets with WaterSense certification guarantee a flow rate of 5.7 liters per minute (1.5 gallons per minute) or less, a reduction of 30% from the standard. This can save up to 2,650 liters of water annually.


The Cozi series was born out of the desire to support and promote water and energy conservation. We have thus created a unique shower column that reduces water consumption by 40% without compromising the efficiency and beauty of the product: the Cozi Lotus. Web:


On Monday June 28th, the Rubi team joined the 1000.tons mission team for a garbage collection in Beauport. Everyone was very surprised at how much garbage it was possible to collect in just 2 hours.

BRAVO and THANKS to the whole gang, a total of 1,038 pounds of garbage has been collected!