Rubi Warranty


The warranty does not cover: normal wear of the product (faucets, sinks, etc.), misuse (industrial, commercial or business use) or improper maintenance.

The warranty shall be null and void in the case of use of unsuitable cleaning products (especially those containing abrasive agents, waxes, alcohols, ammonia, bleaches, acids, solvents or other corrosive chemicals), whether used by the buyer or by a third party for the buyer.

Rubi declines all responsibility for faulty installation, transfer, replacement, repair and any damage resulting in loss, injury or direct and indirect costs of any kind including, without limitation, loss of use related to our products.

The warranty in a residential environment excludes damage caused by conditions where the ambient air and / or water are altered (hard water and limestone). This includes but is not limited to the improper storage of cholesteric or volatile chemicals in restricted or closed environments near the taps.

This warranty can not be transferred to others. Rubi will abide by the specified warranty periods from the date of purchase, as long as the user, who must also be the first buyer, is the owner of the faucet.


To clean your faucets and shower components, a mild soap, warm water and a soft cloth will be enough to remove dirt,  stains  and  traces  of  soap  accumulation.  Rinse  after  cleaning  and  dry  with  a  soft,  dry  cloth  to  restore  the original luster of the product.

For any other information, please contact Rubi via the toll-free number at 1 888 988-7824 (RUBI) or by email at


If the faucet leaks, drips or is defective in material (finish) or workmanship during the applicable warranty period, Rubi will, at no cost, repair or replace any defective part or faucet. The selection of parts will be made according to the current products at the time of replacement. In the event that a product is no longer on the market, a similar replacement product, whose market value is equivalent to the original product at the time of the acquisition, will be designated at the discretion of Rubi. Rubi's entire obligation under the warranty will be limited to the purchase price of the product or its replacement.


Please contact Rubi toll-free at 1 888 988-7824 (RUBI) or by email at You can also write to us at the following address: 2750 Dalton Avenue, Quebec City, Quebec CANADA  G1P 3S4. For each claim made to Rubi, the buyer must provide the original invoice, the date and place of purchase, and a brief description of the cause of the claim. Any omission will invalidate the request.

This warranty excludes all other warranties, including, but not limited to, any warranties of merchantability or fitness for use (excluding those specified in our installation manuals included in our packaging).

Some provinces or states do not allow the limitation of the duration of an implied warranty, the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations may not be applicable. Any provision of this warranty which may not be applicable in any province or state shall be deemed inapplicable to the extent of its non-entitlement without thereby invalidating other provisions or the eligibility of such provisions in other provinces or states.


Rubi guarantees its products against material (finish) and manufacturing defects for a period of 1 YEAR, from the date of invoice, whether used or not, in industrial, commercial or institutional environments (heavy duty; whose use is high). The general conditions apply.

*Certain conditions apply, refer to your authorized Rubi representative or contact our customer service department.

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All our faucets are certified to meet the various standards and practices of the industry.